Demon DT3 Series

One of our favourite cues, the Demon DT3 series of cues are made by Dongyang in Taiwan and offer a very unique concept in pool cue design.

The forearm is laser etched with the Demon brand logo, the butt section also has a laser etched design with inlaid and slightly raised cystal. This feels slightly wierd when you first hold the cue, but after you get used to it starts to feel very normal.

The cue plays great (and at 5500 Baht it obviously should), the hit is solid and the noise generated on contact is a pleasure to hear - when you're playing well with this cue you just don't want to put it down.

It's rather bling exterior means that this is not a cue for everybody, but if you don't mind standing out from the crowd a bit this is a truly excellent hitting cue that will give you years of pleasurable pool.