Cosmos Ultra-C Pool Balls

Made from phenolic resin the Cosmos Ultra-C Pool Balls are produced in Korea by the World’s leading Carom Ball manufacturer – Cosmos Billiards.

The formulation used is based on the Carom formulation which requires the surface of the ball to produce more grip and action than you will find on Aramith or Dynasphere – this give the balls a unique playability that we have found complements the playability of our Rhino Pool tables perfectly.

It’s also worth pointing out that as they are made in South Korea we can import them without the taxes that apply to Aramith & Dynasphere (which bumps the prices of those balls in Thailand up by around 20-30% higher than they should be) making them excellent value for money.

These are in our opinion the best value for money balls you can buy – the playability is excellent and they look great. Recommended.


8,500 Baht