Rhino 500 Pool Cloth

Rhino 500 is the brand of cloth developed by Rhino to service their after sales market and to get their brand name on to other peoples tables.

Quality wise it’s a mid-range cloth comparable to Andy 600, they play about the same. Rhino 500 is slightly cheaper though with the cloth on a 8ft table costing about 8,000 Baht installed (as opposed to 11,000 Baht for Andy 600 8ft).

Rhino 500 is also slightly more durable (long lasting) than other cloths in it’s price range and unlike most other cloths sold in Thailand, it will not slow down when the humidity is high.

Currently available in Electric Blue, Powder Blue and Green – prices shown do not include the cost of installation.


7ft – 4,500 Baht
8ft – 5,500 Baht
9ft – 6,500 Baht