Rhino Sport

Based on a modern table design the Rhino Sport is a great looking table that most players in Thailand and across SEA will already be familiar with.

Each and every table is built to a very high standard. The top quality fireproof laminate is imported from the USA, the 25mm slate is from one of the top slate production facilities in Asia and the hardwood that we use for the frame will last indefinitely.

The Rhino Sport looks great in homes and in bars – the design is both timeless and flexible. They can withstand 12 hours + of play a day in commercial venues over many years, but also look equally in place at home on a terrace or in a games room.

We strongly believe that with the Rhino Sport we have created the perfect table for the Thailand market. For the price point nothing else you can buy here will play as well, look as good or last as long as these tables.

Available in 7ft, 8ft and 9ft sizes in black and limited stock of 8ft in white – please click the Contact Us button below to see the contact options.

10 Year Warranty on all Rhino Pool Tables.


7ft – 79,500 Baht
8ft – 84,500 Baht
9ft – 94,500 Baht