Cyclop Hyperion Pool Balls

Cyclop Hyperion are the latest addition to the Cyclop Pool Balls range of products.

With these balls Cyclop have made 3 key changes.

Firstly and most obviously there are now 20 balls per set, rather than 16. There's an extra cue ball which is handy for bars and pool clubs to keep in reserve for match play, and there are three dragon balls for the money balls 8, 9 and 10.

Secondly there is a new forumla for the cue ball that plays slightly faster than the current cue ball.

Thirdly they have changed the style slightly to include a black hexagonal circle around the numbers on the balls.

The formula of the object balls remains the same as with the Zeus balls.

Zeus will still be available but Hyperion is will become the new ball that Cyclop use in all of their major TV competitions starting from August 2018.

Cyclop Zeus 5,500.00 ฿
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