The perfect use of space in bars and homes, Shuffleboards can be positioned tight up against walls and provide hours of fun in all types of entertainment venues and homes.

Shuffleboards are very popular family games as everybody from youngsters right through to the elderly can play on them – they are a truly multi-generational family game.

Each Shuffleboard comes with 8 pucks, 4 red and 4 blue, 1 tub of USA made Sun-Glo Silicone Beads (balls/sand), a can of silicone spray and a brown leather effect cover.

The sizes listed below are for the outer dimensions – for the dimensions of the playing surface just subtract 1 foot.

The outside width of the table is 24″ (60cm), the width of the playing surface is 15″ (38cm) on all lengths.

The playing surface is 45mm thick/deep.

All sizes are in stock and ready for quick installation.

Here is a printable PDF with a full set of Shuffleboard Rules.


9ft – 74,500  –  On sale for just 59,500
12ft – 84,500  –  On sale for just 64,500
14ft – 94,500  –  On sale for just 74,500
16ft – 99,500 –  On sale for just 79,500